I'm Giving it a Rest!

My website Selfesteem4women.com has been active since 2003. In those ten years or so we've helped more than a million women around the world.

To all those of you who have visted the site, or have interacted with us in some way, I want to say a heartfelt thank you; it's been a pleasure. A decade on, I've decided to take a break and suspend our service to give myself an opportunity to focus on other activities for a while.

I will, of course, be very happy to respond to emails from current members who have already purchased materials or services from us. Just write to me using my first name with the domain name ibexmanagement.com instead of selfesteem4women.com.

Thanks again to the million or so women who have invested a bit of time on our website and in themselves. Self-esteem can be discovered through many routes and I wish all those who are still searching much success with their journeys.

Alison Finch